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NetCom SL Technical Workstation

NetCom SL is a complete workstation system with enough flexibility for today’s dynamic technology environment. This versatile workstation is engineered to make reconfiguring and expanding your workstation simply while keeping your costs to a minimum.

  • Features include:
  • 24", 36" 48" and 72" Standard Workstations, Base Units, Expansion Frames, and Corner Units
  • Available in 84" (standard), 72", 60", and 48" heights
  • Built-in Vertical and Horizontal Cable Management
  • Height Adjustable Worksurfaces hold 400 lbs.
  • Standard Tilt-Adjustable Steel Shelves
  • Adjustable Roll-out Keyboard Trays
  • Unit Weight Capacity of 2000 lbs.
  • Side Panel Cable Access
  • Continuous Shelf Surface Areas
  • Smooth Transition Worksurface Area
  • Top and Bottom Frame Cable Ports

Options include:

  • Convenient Rack Mounting
  • Independent Rollout Shelves
  • Peninsula Worksurface
  • Ergonomic Keyboard Trays
  • Reflective and Direct Task Lighting
  • Mobile Pedestals
  • Storage Lockers

NetCom SL can be utilized in:

  • LAN
  • WAN
  • Computer Work Stations


  • All steel construction lets you store up to 2,000 lbs. of equipment on each unit
  • Ergonomic Viewing - Shelves may be tilted at plus/minus 15 degrees to achieve ergonomically correct viewing angles
  • 48", 72" Steel Shelves provides the strength (400 lb. standard capacity, 850 lb. with heavy-duty support brackets) for all your hardware storage needs.
  • Built-in Horizontal and Vertical Cable Management allows for easy front and rear access.
  • Continuous Desktop... Shelves and worksurfaces allow you to safely and efficiently store more equipment across shelves and work surface areas.
  • Side Panel Cable Access allows integrated horizontal and vertical cable management within the footprint of the workstation for space saving efficiency and easy access.
  • The unique design of the NetCom SL provides continuous surface area without frame interruption allowing you to store more equipment across shelves.
  • Universal Feet - The Universal foot can be removed to provide uninterrupted operator movement when additional units are ganged together
  • Cable Management Troughs close to protect your wiring and lift or detach for easy access from the front or rear of the unit
  • Under Worksurface Space allows for ample legroom and provides uninterrupted movement between workstations. There’s no bulky support leg to get in your way


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