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NetCom 3 Network Support Furniture

NetCom 3 incorporates an open, modular system, enhancing operator productivity while letting your network support furniture change as quickly as your operational needs change. It’s easy to add on to the NetCom 3 system. Shelves can be adjusted to accommodate equipment changes and system growth. New pieces can be added simply and quickly without disrupting your network operations.

Features include:

  • Completely modular for maximum flexibility
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy access to equipment
  • Uninterrupted cabling
  • Vertical and horizontal cable management
  • Under worksurface space
  • Standard steel shelves
  • Adjustable height work surfaces (400 lb. capacity)

Options include:

  • Adjustable Shelving - 1000 lb. capacity
  • Cable Guides - 1500 lb. capacity
  • Roll-out Shelf
  • Accessory Roll-out Shelf
  • Storage Locker
  • Phone Tray
  • Mobile Base
  • Split Shelf Assembly
  • Shelf Mount Rack Mount
  • Clip-on Keyboard with Mouse Tray
  • Multiple height, depth, width and corners available
  • Choice of paint and laminate colors
  • Large unit to unit cable knockouts
  • Hinged bottom doors
  • Removable rear doors

NetCom 3 can be utilized in:

  • LAN
  • WAN
  • Computer Work Stations


  • All steel construction lets you store up to 2,000 lbs. of equipment on each unit
  • Ergonomic Viewing - Shelves may be tilted at plus/minus 15 degrees to achieve ergonomically correct viewing angles
  • All steel shelving is 21" deep and side panels are 26" deep to accomodate more equipment and save desktop space
  • NetCom 3 offers unlimited configuration possibilities to add functionality and ergonomics to any network area.
  • All units are modular. Each may be used as a stand-alone workstation or combined with multiple units for infinite design configurations
  • Continuous Desktop... Worksurfaces can be ganged together (attached) for a continuous desktop from unit to unit
  • Corner Solutions adapt to any unique and difficult environment
  • All sizes work in conjunction with several available corner units to create unlimited layout possibilities
  • Free-standing, building block design allows you to change and add pieces without disrupting operations
  • Universal Feet - The Universal foot can be removed to provide uninterrupted operator movement when additional units are ganged together
  • Keep your phone at a convenient height for use with NetCom 3’s handy phone tray. Like standard shelving, the phone tray is fully adjustable
  • Store valuable items in NetCom 3’s lockable storage locker, which can be placed on any shelf


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