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The DDP Multi-Media Cabinets have been the quality standard in the industry for more than 25 years. No other cabinet can boast the quality, durability, warranty or versatility of the DDP Multi-Media Cabinet. The unique ALL STEEL bi-parting door glides with ease on our special “aircraft cable track system”. The cable system is guaranteed not to break, fray, rust or corrode for the life of the cabinet. Other features of DDP Multi-Media Cabinets include, 1/2” increment adjustment for all components, heavy gauge steel construction, lock & keys and powder coat paint finish for durability and great looks.


All cabinets below are 36” wide x 22” deep and available in 6 standard heights.

Cabinet Sizes & Finishes: See Multi-Media Sizes & Finishes for your exterior options.

Component Options: See Multi-Media Components for your interior components such as Multi-Media roll-out shelves, filing drawers, shelves, laptop inserts and much more. ALL components are pre-installed exactly where you want them BEFORE your cabinet is shipped.

Multi Media Roll-out Shelf

Each drawer comes complete eight (8) front to back dividers and nine (9) compressor/flip dividers. Using the DDP "Star Slot" system, you can easily customize your drawer for your application. Divide your drawer to store one or several media types by simply adjusting the dividers. Drawers are complete with heavy duty, easy glide suspension arms for many years of service. For other media capacities not listed, please call Data-Link Associates: 516-679-8155

Capacity per drawer
using one type of media
Space Required
per draw
78 5"
93 5"
225 3"
126 3.5"
99 5.5"
(jewel case)
195 6"
(slim case)
390 6"
52 5.5"
16MM Microfilm
99 4.5"
35MM Microfilm
60 4.5"

Plain Roll-out Shelf
DDP #050-00702 Space requirement: various

A strong versatile roll-out shelf to store just about anything. Laptops, storage trays, media boxes, parts etc... With a 125 lbs capacity there is very little you can't put on this shelf.

CD/DVD Roll Out Shelf (In Jewel Case)
DDP #050-00725 Space requirement: 6.0"

138 CD's or DVD's sit in their own slot on a slight angle to allow for finger flip filing. Each drawer comes complete with a CD/DVD insert that is removable and heavy duty easy glide suspension arms.
Note: 276/Slim line cases, 2 per slot.


Media Bars
#050-03480 Space requirement: 14"

first row, 13" additional rows Media Bars support specially designed removable pacs (see below) for 3480/ 3490, DLT and LTO. Fast and easy retrieval allows an operator to simply open the cabinet and remove a single cartridge or pac of cartridges. Maximum capacity per level is 5 pacs (3 rear/2 front). Front pacs slide to either side for access to rear pacs. Media bars and Pacs are sold individually.

Media Pacs
DLT / LTO Media Pacs (16 Capacity) #138-35225 3480/3490 Media (20 Capacity) #134-00905


Laptop/Notebook Secure 3-Compartment
#050-00740 Space requirement: 5.0"

Each Laptop compartment securely stores (3) laptops/notebooks. Shown here are four 3-compartment units stacked together for a total of (12) individual compartments. Each individual compartment comes complete with its own private lock and keys and a label holder built in. Each individual compartment measures: 10.25"W x 12.75"D x 4.5"H.

Plain Shelf
DDP #050-00701

The plain shelf allows you to store ring binders, end tab file folders or anything else that requires a shelf. The optional back plate & 5 divider set #050-00713 to go with the plain shelf gives you the perfect file shelf. Dividers are adjustable in 1/2" increments.
Note: Heavy Duty Shelf also available # 050-00707.

Back Plate & (5) Divider set
DDP #050-00713

Space requirement:
3-Ring Binders 13.5"
End Tab Ltr/LgI 11.0"


Roll-out Filing Frame
#050-00780 Space requirement:' 11.0"
Legal or Letter filing is made easy with our full suspension filing frame. Comes complete with horizontal file bar.

Roll-out Reference Shelf
#050-00726 Space requirement: 2.5"
A reference shelf is the perfect option when access to your cabinet is frequent. Whether you are retrieving files or cartridges, a reference shelf is convenient to open and use as a work surface to hold files or to write on.

Filing Bin Drawer
#050-00704 Space requirement: 11.0"
(32.5"W x 16.125"D x 9.5"H)
Our bin drawer allows filing of letter and legal hanging folders. With the use of floating file bars, you can divide the drawer to hold letter and legal together or 2 rows of letter. File bars included.



Mail Sorter Insert
#050-09065 Space requirement: 13.5"
This sorter option allows you to sort and divide mail, documents and other stationery into as many as NINE legal depth slots. Each sorter comes complete with SIX adjustable shelves that can be positioned in 1/2" increments. Each of the three compartments are 10.33" W x 11.31" H x 15.87" D. Also complete with label holders and required hardware.

Heavy Duty Locker 3-Compartment
DDP #050-90031 Space requirement: 5"

3-Compartment insert allows storage of Firearms, Evidence or valuables. Heavy plate steel Doors with 3-point lock mechanism keeps the unwanted 'but". All compartments are keyed different with a security abloy lock.

Laptop Security Insert
DDP #050-00748 Space requirement: 6"

Our security drawer holds TWO laptops in separate chambers and has room for power packs and other accessories. Private lock & keys for each chamber are included. Interior storage space for each chamber: 1 5.5"W x 14"D x 4"H. ALSO AVAILABLE as a POWERED UNIT.

Library Shelf c/w Plain Shelf
DDP #050-00727 Space requirement: 12.5"

This unique option allows you to DISPLAY your catalogs, literature, flyers etc. When the library shelf is lifted you can retrieve your properly stored printed materials from the storage shelf behind. The library shelf is installed on a 30 degree angle to display your materials neatly.

Security Locking Bars

The security locking bars allow you the option of adding a padlock to your Multi-Media Cabinets. When you add security locking bars you make the cabinet dual access as well. When the key lock (standard on all cabinets) and pad lock are engaged it requires TWO separate keys to open your cabinet. Finish matched to the cabinet. (Padlock not included).
Note: Locking Bars reduce useable cabinet space by 1 .0".

Caster Base

Turning your Multi-Media Cabinet into a mobile unit can be done at any time. The height of your cabinet will increase by 5" overall. All four casters are heavy duty ( 2 fixed with locks/2 swivel ). For safety, DDP recommends that you DO NOT put a cabinet over the height of 64" on a caster base.

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