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MaxPro Enclosures

MaxPro offers a variety of benefits to house the complete networking environment. The EDP MaxPro combines the best of the industry’s standard enclosure features with EDP’s uniquely designed features at an extremely competitive price

Features include:

  • An 84" frame with 46RU of mounting space vs. an industry average of 44RU
  • Numbered rails for easier equipment mounting
  • Patented "Quick Ganging" handles which allows adjacent cabinets to be ganged together in seconds without the use of nuts, bolts or tools
  • Multiple height, width and depth options
  • Multi Vendor capability allows for up to (3) three different style manufacturing rails to co-exist in the same enclosure
  • Cable pass through built into frame for additional cable management
  • 2000 lb. frame weight capacity
  • Interchangeable solid or vented locking half-height side panels for easy access and unique security feature
  • Interchangeable, perforated, or Plexiglass doors
  • Compatible with EDP’s array of accessories and technical product line

Options include:

  • Multiple lock options
  • 2400 lb. caster kit
  • Multiple rail options
  • Perforated or solid top panel with fan
  • Ventilation fans
  • Retractable Anti-tip plate
  • Multiple power options
  • Fixed or roll out shelves
  • Flip up flat screen monitor with CPU
  • Tooless Fan Kit option eliminates "hot spots"
  • Tooless equipment shelf is easily mounted and repositioned without hardware
  • Horizontal and vertical cable management


  • Patented Quick Ganging feature allows enclosures to be ganged together in seconds not minutes
  • Numbered rails for easier equipment mounting
  • Accessories include shelving options, swivel keyboard tray, fans, and power & cable management options
  • Retractable Anti-Tip Plate--retracts under the base of the enclosure for convenient storage
  • Top Panels Available in Perforated 3/4 Length (12" of Cable Access) Solid Top Panels with fans are also available
  • Enclosure to enclosure cabling is easy with (2) 3"x6" access ports on each vertical upright
  • Multi-Vendor capabilities: Compaq, Sun, IBM, Dell, Hewlett Packard & DEC
  • Multiple door options available, including the Perforated Overlay Door
  • Side Panels are designed in half heights with keyless security. Available in Solid or Vented to customize airflow


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