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LanPro Enclosure

LanPro stores your entire line of network hardware and electronic equipment in one place. LanPro offers unmatched flexibility and versatility by accommodating a wide range of Electrical Industry Association (EIA) standard rack mount equipment including Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and DEC. These cabinets are flexible enough to work with the technology you use today and in the future.

  • Features include:
  • An 84" frame with 45RU of mounting space vs. an industry average of 44RU
  • Numbered rails for easier equipment mounting
  • Multiple height, width and depth options
  • Multi Vendor capability allows for up to (3) three different style manufacturing rails to co-exist in the same enclosure
  • Zone 4 offering
  • On GSA Contract
  • 2000 lb. frame weight capacity
  • Interchangeable solid or vented locking side panels for easy access and unique security feature
  • Interchangeable perforated, Plexiglass or solid doors
  • Compatible with EDP’s array of accessories and technical product line


Options include:

  • Multiple lock options
  • 2400 lb. caster kit
  • Multiple rail options
  • Available in 24, 29 and 48 widths
  • Solid top panel with or without fan
  • Ventilation fans
  • Anti-tip feature
  • Multiple cooling and power options
  • Fixed or roll out shelves
  • Flip up flat screen monitor with CPU
  • Tooless Fan Kit option eliminates "hot spots"
  • Tooless equipment shelf is easily mounted and repositioned without hardware
  • Horizontal and vertical cable management



  • LanPro’s advanced cable management system is designed with user convenience in mind. Multi-directional cabling options and a 3” inch clearance along the sides of the cabinet gives you complete interior accessibility
  • With LanPro you get a SUPERIOR vertical and horizontal cable management system
  • With such features as numbered rails, multi-vendor capabilities, and collocation capabilities, LanPro is a flexible cabinet designed to work with the technology you use today and in the future
  • Ten-inch fans exhaust 550 cubic feet of air per minute to cool your internal hardware
  • Side panels lock and quickly detach for access to equipment or cables
  • Doors are field reversable for right or left handed swing
  • Constructed of top-quality steel, LanPro offers the durability and security your valuable information system demands
  • Numbered rails allow for easy installation of equipment.
  • For ALL the equipment you have... UPS’s, Battery Packs, Hubs, Routers, Switches, Concentrators, AV Equipment, Repeaters, Servers, Monitors, Keyboards, Storage Devices... There’s only ONE Cabinet you’ll need, LanPro
  • Store Your entire line of network hardware and electronic equipment in one place with the LanPro enclosure
  • Total Protection - LanPro cabinet doors include multiple locking and ventilation features to protect your equipment
  • An array of options are available to custom-configure your LanPro to precisely meet your needs


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