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Bline Cooper E2

Cooper B-Line's E2 Next Generation Electronic Enclosures

Your electronic equipment is on of the largest investments your company makes.  With its inherent delicacy, expense, and significance to your business - its well-being is critical.  It must be sheltered from environmental influence and completely secure.  It must also be easily accessible, be able to interact with other components in close proximity, and be movable if necessary.

B-Line realizes just how valuable your equipment is, and just how crucial the choice of electronic enclosures can be.  That's why our E2 electronic enclosures offer you the utmost in security and flexibility.

B-Line's E2 Next Generation Cabinet line includes a system of configurable cabinets and a complete offering of accessories.  Each is customizable to tailor to almost any requirement with a variety of solid, vented and perforated doors, side panels, and top panels.




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