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Bline Cooper Access

Cooper B-Line's Access Cabinet System

This unique electronic cabinet innovation has been specifically designed to bring unrivaled advantages to Free Standing Cabinets and offers a number of benefits that reduce the total cost of ownership.

What makes Access so different from conventional cabinets?  The Access system features open architecture construction with no corner posts which allows for quick and easy removal of all side panels and doors to completely expose the open frame for installation of cable and/or equipment.

Utilizing unique tubular top and base frames combined with extruded aluminum center posts, the Access cabinet's cornerless frame design offers unmatched accessibility and usable space.

Access 3 IN 2 System

B-Line's Access 3 IN 2 cabinet assembly consists of two modified 31 1/2" (800mm) wide frame assemblies.  Unique cornerless open frame construction accommodates three sets of 19" EIA mounting rails within the width of two Access Cabinets.

  • This unique assembly accommodates 50% more equipment in the floor space occupied by two conventional cabinets.

  • Supplied as left and right cabinet sections ready for on site assembly.  Each cabinet section can be ordered with any combination of doors, side panels and top panels.  Required assembly hardware is included.

  • Removable hinged doors and side panels provide unrestricted access to all 19" EIA mounting rails.

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