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NetCOM EXL Series


With NetCom EX, you select ony the modules that most effectively match
your specialized equipment. The entire system is both horizontally and vertically expandable. One, two, or three tier (level) high consoles come in ,25", 48", and
72" widths for infinite configuration possibilities

Quick Release Worksurfaces

Quick Release Worksurfaces are removable for full access to the interior of modules for installing or removing equipment

Large Screen Monitor Storage

For multi-person viewing, the second level units can house large screen display monitors up to 42" wide. The unique design allows large screens to be installed or removed from the front or rear of the unit.


Roll-out Shelves

Provide safe and easy access to equipment below the worksurface. These shelves use Accuride glides for reliability and strength.



Wire Management

Covered horizontal troughs and vertical wire managers route wires, cables and cords inconspicuously throughout the system. Unit to unit cabling is accomplished through prepunched cable channels.


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